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Henkel offers impregnation resins, systems and service for porosity sealing of all casting alloys, sintered metals, ferrites, ceramics and composite materials. Our products deliver consistently clean, leakproof and sealed parts ready for just-in-time assembly.

Henkel’s complete product portfolio offers impregnation resins, systems and service. Our impregnation products meet the worldwide specification requirements of major automotive OEMs and suppliers as a result of their excellent characteristics, such as resistance to chemicals and solvents, high temperature resistance, and superior sealing capability.

The Henkel impregnation sealants and sealing processes cause no damage or distortion to the parts. After impregnation, all parts are clean, free of corrosion or oxidation, and are ready for use without post-treatment. During the life cycle of the treated parts, the sealant will withstand oils (including aggressive synthetic, low-viscosity varieties), grease, virtually all acids, liquid fuels, gases, coolants and solvents. Continuous operating temperatures may range from -90°C to +200°C, while our products can also withstand short-term exposure to temperatures as high as 250°C.

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