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With an unmatched portfolio of LOCTITE products and our fully automated vacuum impregnation system, we can ensure that you no longer face the negative effects of porosities, such as cost of scrapping, loss of production, dissatisfied customers or even lost business. Our state-of-the-art impregnation technology gives you a permanent and reliable sealing solution to the problems of porosities and leakages.

Vacuum impregnation equipment includes dry and wet vacuums used to prepare the impregnation resin. The absence of liquid within the dry vacuum method ensures no interference with degassing the pores. Within the wet vacuum method, penetration of the impregnation resin into the part takes place at atmospheric pressure, enabling rapid processing. Once prepared, the impregnation resin fills porosities, shrinkage cavities, capillary pores and cracks to ensure resistance to external influences.

Excess sealant is removed from part surfaces through a drip-off and spin process; the most effective method for removing excess sealant with no risk of damage to the parts, while requiring very little time.

Parts are washed, using the oscillator for agitation, and the centrifuge prepares for the rinsing step. Compressed air agitation in the water also may be used.

Parts are rinsed and the centrifuge prepares for the curing step. When exposed to the activator rinse, sealant at the pore entrances will cure quickly, creating a “plug” that prevents remaining liquid sealant from escaping while it continues to cure slowly by the anaerobic system.

Parts are soaked within a final rinse tank of water at 90 degrees Celcius, removing the activator solution, and quickly drying and curing the part.

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