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Impregnation products from Henkel provide the ideal sealing solution for electrical and electronic components. Microscopic voids are inherent in many electronic assemblies, particularly where metals and plastics are assembled together. This can lead to customer complaints, lost production or even lost business. However, our resin solutions seal even microscopic gaps and leak paths in critical electrical and electronic components. Permanently sealing components protects them from moisture, solvents, fluxes and other corrosive agents.

High-performance impregnation products from Henkel are designed for applications requiring greater flexibility, higher temperature and fluid resistance. After the impregnation process, components are clean and unchanged in their dimensions or appearance, and they remain flexible through thermal changes. Our solutions allow fast processing of high-volume parts to achieve a low cost per sealed part. Impregnation improves the durability and long-term reliability of components with no adverse effect on their solderability or electrical conductivity. Moreover, our innovative sealing solutions eliminate the need for costly and unsightly topcoats.

Thanks to our unmatched portfolio of sealing resins and a fully automated high-speed vacuum impregnation system we can offer outstanding sealing solutions for your powertrain electronics, connectors and power supplies, climate and thermal systems, AEV power generation systems, tire pressure monitoring systems, safety and driver assistance systems, and fuel delivery systems.

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