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At Henkel our mission is to enable our customers to tackle industry challenges with innovative product solutions and services. Our porosity sealing products and services are designed to provide superior quality for sealing leak paths in your parts and components. To achieve the highest reliability and quality assurance, we ensure our products are designed to be extremely versatile. They can withstand harsh environments while offering excellent resistance to attack from oils, gases, thermal cycling and other external influences.

Impregnation products and services also help you achieve your cost reduction goals by enabling your operations to run more efficiently, with increased quality accompanying improved productivity. Boasting an ever-expanding global presence at major OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers, Henkel is your ideal partner for sealing solutions along the entire value chain.

High-quality metal and electronic parts play a vital role in the automotive industry. The reliability and safety needs of today’s automotive industry require porosity sealing to fully protect against fluids, gases and other external influences. At the same time, the automotive industry is confronted with the increasingly demanding challenges of reducing costs, increasing productivity and complying with environmental regulations.

As a world-leading supplier of porosity-sealing products and services, we can meet your reliability needs by sealing cast-metal parts and electronic components against leakage. Our sealing solutions can be provided from close-by or on-site impregnation service centers, all of which provide comprehensive evaluations and technical support to meet your sealing needs.

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As a global leader in adhesives, sealants and functional coating solutions for the automotive industry, we create competitive advantage for our customers along the entire value chain of car manufacturing.

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