Industry-approved sealing solutions

Thanks to our unmatched portfolio of sealing resins and a fully automated high-speed vacuum impregnation system, we can offer outstanding sealing solutions for your powertrain electronics, connectors, power supplies, heating and air-conditioning systems, AEV power generation systems, tire pressure monitoring systems, safety and driver assistance systems, and fuel delivery systems.

  • Pre-process preparation of components
  • Dry vacuum
  • Wet vacuum
  • Sealant fills porosities, shrinkage cavities, capillary pores and cracks
  • Centrifuge removes excess sealant from part surfaces
  • Drip-off and spin
  • Washing of parts
  • Centrifuge prepares for rinsing step
  • Rinsing of parts
  • Centrifuge prepares for curing step
  • Curing of sealant in component porosities
  • Centrifuge removes surface water and dries parts
  • Post-process and packaging

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