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Our unmatched portfolio of LOCTITE products and vacuum impregnation systems has recently been extended to include the LOCTITE Modular Impregnation System (MIS), which is particularly suitable for metal parts and electronic components. The MIS offers production flexibility at an affordable investment price, and can function as a manual system or fully automated robotic system. LOCTITE MIS requires as few as two modules with a footprint of just 82 sq. ft./7.6 m2, but can be extended to up to six modules with a capacity of up to 40 cycles per hour.

  • Dry vacuum
  • Wet vacuum
  • Sealant fills porosities, shrinkage cavities, capillary pores and cracks
  • Centrifuge removes excess sealant from part surfaces
  • Rotate and cascade wash of parts
  • Rotate and cascade rinse of parts
  • Wash away all excess resin from part
  • Rotate and cascade hot water cure
  • Cure the sealant within part porosities
  • Rotate and forced air dries parts

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