Loctite Impregnation Solutions

Henkel’s complete Loctite Impregnation Solutions (LIS) product portfolio not only offers impregnation resins and systems but also a customized service through both external, as well as tailored, on-site impregnation service centers. Through LIS, Henkel, a leading supplier of porosity sealing products and services, offers the automotive industry a one-of-a-kind, fully automated impregnation system, and its high-tech resins deliver consistent quality and unmatched sealing performance. With this we enable our customers to meet in full their process needs and the associated industry challenges.

Superior sealing solutions for automotive parts

Enabling highest reliability and quality

Vacuum impregnation products and services

Highest-quality resins, systems and service

Impregnation of metal parts

Clean, leak-proof and sealed after casting

Impregnation of electronic parts

Microscopic gaps and leak paths sealed

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